Elek Tull

Dexterity 3D Knowledge 3D Mechanical 2D
Blaster 4D Law Enforcement 3D+1
Dodge 3D+1
Pick Pocket 3D+2
(S) Run: Sprinting 4D
Perception 4D Strength 2D Technical 4D
Con 5D Security 4D+1
Hide 5D
Investigation 5D
(S) Persuasion: Aquilaen Patriotim 5D
Search 4D+1
(S) Sneak: Urban 5D

Equipment: Blaster (3D), Comlink, Datapad

6 character points


What I have in mind is someone who really believes in aqullain. College educated (maybe a military academy?). Joined the military for patriotic duty (and maybe because it will look good on a political resume). After a few years he joins something like the CIA NCS. In that world maybe it’s part of the military or maybe not. In any case, I guess my main point is that he’d want to do more than collect intelligence. Almost certainly still single. Probably in his 20s. Probably had some sort of mentor – maybe a parent or other family member . Maybe teacher, maybe a retired intelligence guy or some other authority figure. Anyway, this mentor has helped him get to where he is. Might or might not still be looking out for him, depending on how the story unfolds.

Elek Tull

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