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To Serve The Empire


It is a dark time for the galaxy. The rise
of the New Order has given the GALACTIC
EMPIRE over one hundred billion slaves to
either work for its war machine or starve.

Opposed to these outrages, a small number
of worlds have rebelled against the Empire,
declaring themselves against the New Order
and vowing to bring back the Republic.

From the Core Worlds, THE EMPEROR has
summoned his legions and starships to stamp
out these flames of freedom and bring all
corners of the galaxy under his iron fist…

To Serve The Empire is a StarWars D6 game set just prior to The Galactic Civil War and the events of Episode IV: A New Hope. The Clone Wars have ended, the Old Republic is dying, and Emperor Palpatine’s Galactic Empire is continuing its inexorable expansion outwards from the Core Worlds. On the fringes of the galaxy, life continues just as it always has: hard men put their lives on the line daily trying to bring order out of chaos.

These adventures will follow the men and women of the Imperial Strike-class Cruiser Gamorrah assigned to the Aquilae Corridor, a major staging ground for the Imperial military just outside the Outer Rim Territories. Players will be running multiple characters, due to the wide variety of activities occurring.

For rules, errata, or all-around knowledge, consult the D6 Holocron. Also look at the Star Wars D6 Mass Combat Rules. I plan to do two-hour online sessions on AOL IM, and post the transcripts under Adventure Log.

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